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Email our customer support

You can reach our customer support by sending an email to:

Lost or was your card stolen?

Please first block your Money2Go card on our website or with SMS
sms ‘LOST’ or ‘STOLEN’ to

+49 173-2787721

(within Germany, you can send it to the number 0173-2787721)
Afterwards call our customer support line number:

Our customer support number

You can reach us by phone on the following number:


Our opening hours are as follows:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday closed 
Sunday closed

FAQ page

It is quite likely, that you will find an answer to your question at the Money2Go MasterCard® FAQ page. This will give us more time for your remaining questions at our customer support phone line.

* Cost: 14 cents per minute from German fixed line networks, from German mobile phone networks max. 42 cents.