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Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Money2Go MasterCard® by Novum Bank Limited

How can I purchase my Money2Go MasterCard®?

The Money2Go Card can be bought online by filling up the registration form. Click here to order your new card.

When will I receive my Money2Go MasterCard®?

Normally the Money2Go MasterCard® takes 2-3 business days from the shipping confirmation email to arrive. 
Please note that in December delivery might take longer due to the postal service being overloaded. If you don't receive your card within 10 business days, please contact us.

What is the Money2Go MasterCard®?

The Money2Go MasterCard® looks like many credit or debit cards, with a card number, chip and pin and signature strip. However, unlike credit cards and debit cards, it helps you spend only the amount you have chosen to load onto your Money2Go MasterCard® and is not linked to your bank account.

Is there a minimum age to become a Money2Go MasterCard® Cardholder?

Yes, all cardholders must be at least 18 years old.

Who provides the Money2Go MasterCard®?

The card is issued by Novum Bank Limited pursuant to license from MasterCard® International Incorporated.

How do I access my Money2Go MasterCard®?

You can access your personal card section online where you can manage your money and your card facilities.
To log in, simply click the ‘Login’ button at the top of the Money2Go MasterCard® website and enter your email address and password you set up, then follow the steps. (Note you can change this password once you have logged in by clicking settings from the menu.)

Once you have logged in to your personal section you will be able to:

  • Check your balance;
  • Load money;
  • View and download your transactions;
  • Manage your settings.

How does the Money2Go MasterCard® work?

The Money2Go MasterCard® is a MasterCard® Chip and PIN card. This means that it can be used anywhere in the world where the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark is displayed. It is used in a similar way as a bank card or credit card. The card can be entered into the machine and a PIN used to verify the transaction.

Can I start using my Money2Go MasterCard® as soon as I buy it?

No, you will need to activate your Money2Go MasterCard®. Please log into your account, choose the ‘Activate Card’ option and follow the instructions.

How secure is my card?

You should treat your card like any of your other payment cards and keep it safe. Your cash is safe on your card as long as you take care of it and do not share your PIN with anyone.

Is my Money2Go MasterCard® Contactless Enabled?

Yes, the Money2Go MasterCard® is Contactless enabled.

Contactless (also known as PayPass)

What is Contactless?

MasterCard® contactless technology lets you make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled Money2Go MasterCard®. So checkout is easier than ever, and it’s faster than fumbling with cash. This technology is becoming increasingly common and accepted in many shops, restaurants, pubs and cafés.

Is Contactless safe and Secure?

Encryption - unique to every purchase - protects your transaction data, and your card or device never leaves your hand, reducing the risk of card loss or counterfeit. What’s more, safeguards are in place to bill you only once if you accidentally tap twice. So your contactless-enabled credit, debit, or prepaid MasterCard® card or device is one of the most secure ways to pay.

What is the maximum amount I can pay with Contactless?

Contactless is a cash replacement product for transactions under EUR 25. After three transactions, you will be asked to input the PIN. This security feature will further reduce the risk. If your purchase is 25 EUR or over, you'll still need to provide a signature or PIN as you would with any other credit or debit card.

What is the benefit of Contactless?

You can tap your Money2Go MasterCard® wherever you see the universal contactless symbol  . So checkout is easier than ever, and it’s faster than fumbling with cash.

Who accepts Contactless transactions?

Contactless is accepted globally at all kinds of merchants, including retail stores, fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, transit points of entry, and grocery and convenience stores. You’ll even find contactless in taxicabs and vending machines. Just look for the universal contactless symbol 

How does it work?

With the Money2Go MasterCard®, you won’t need to swipe your card or give it to a cashier when you make payments under EUR 25. Simply let the cashier know that you want to use the contactless feature, then with one quick tap on the contactless reader you’re done. Here’s how it works:
  1. Tap your Money2Go MasterCard® against the reader, instead of swiping your card or inserting it into the terminal;
  2. Listen for a beep, and look for the green lights indicating payment has been accepted.
  3. If your purchase is under 25 EUR, you're ready to go. No need to sign or enter a PIN.


Is there a cancellation fee if I want to cancel my Money2Go MasterCard®?

No. If you cancel your card and request your balance to be transferred to a bank account a redemption fee will be payable. You can also withdraw the cash from an ATM instead of paying the redemption fee. The standard ATM fee will apply.

What fees and charges will I pay?

Fees and charges may be applied when you load your card, on the purchases you make with your card and on ATM withdrawals. Full details of these and any other charges that might be applied on your Card are clearly listed on our home page. Click here to view these. Some ATMs may apply a surcharge so please ensure you check with the ATM provider before making a withdrawal.

Is there a yearly fee charged on the Money2Go MasterCard®?

Yes, as per our Fees table, there is a yearly fee. The yearly fee is automatically deducted from the card balance on due date. The yearly fee is due every 365 days from the sale date. If you do not pay the yearly fee within 30days from due date, the card will be automatically closed.

Your PIN

How do I get my PIN?

Before you can start using your card you must first obtain your PIN. Your PIN is your unique number and you must keep this safe.

You can set your own desired PIN right after you activate the card. The first PIN is set for free.

How can I change my PIN?

If you want to change your PIN, kindly log into your account and go to the “Set PIN” Section.

I've forgotten my card PIN - What should I do?

Kindly log into your account and go to the “Set PIN” Section to set a new PIN. 

I have exceeded my PIN tries, how can I get the card unblocked?

Please contact our customer support on 01805-552240*. After verifying your identity, your Money2Go MasterCard® will get unblocked.

Cost: 14 Cent per minute from German fixed line networks, from German mobile phone networks max. 42 Cent

How to Load money onto your Money2Go MasterCard®

How can I load money on to my Money2Go MasterCard®?

You can load your Money2Go Card when the credit balance on your card has been used. You can load your card through Vouchers, Bank Transfer and SOFORT Banking. For further information kindly go to Load your card section

How much can I load on my Money2Go MasterCard®?

You can load up to €3,750 per month and €10,000 per year. The maximum single load is €3,750. The minimum load amount is € 5.
If you have a Basic Money2Go MasterCard®, the limits are lower and are detailed in the Basic Money2Go MasterCard® section below.

Can someone load my card on my behalf? Who can load money onto my card?

Only you can load your Money2Go MasterCard®. You must ensure that you are transferring funds from a bank account in your own name, otherwise the funds will be returned to the original source. 

How to withdraw cash and make purchases?

How much cash can I withdraw each day?

In order to withdraw cash from an ATM, you must upgrade your card to the Advanced Money2Go MasterCard®. With the Advanced Money2Go MasterCard® you can withdraw up to €320 daily.

Where can I withdraw cash?

You can withdraw cash from any ATM machines that carries the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark.

Can I use my Money2Go MasterCard® to get cash over the bank counter?

No. You can only use ATM machines.

Using your card to make purchases

Like credit or debit card your Money2Go MasterCard® can be used to buy goods and services. You can use your Card in the 36 million locations across the world, anywhere you see the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark. As a ‘Chip & PIN’ card you will just need to input your PIN number into the terminal.

What should I do if I have a pending transaction on my Card?

A pending transaction is simply a transaction that is waiting to be applied to your Card. You do not have to do anything because a pending transaction is just part of the process by which a purchase is charged to your Card. If you think the pending transaction is not correct please contact us without undue delay.

A pending transaction will either turn into a settled transaction or will be deleted within 14 days.

How can I pay using my Money2Go MasterCard® on the Internet?

In order to make payments over the Internet with the card, you will need the following details:
- The card number (the 16 digit number from the front side of the card);
- The card expiry (from the front side of the card);
- The cardholder’s name (Money2Go Card);
- The CVV security number (the 3 digit number from the back side of your card, next to your signature).

Can I also use my Money2Go MasterCard® in a foreign country?

Yes. You can use your Money2Go MasterCard® wherever you see the MasterCard acceptance sign. For the Foreign Exchange fees please refer to the fee table on our website.

Are there transactions, which I cannot perform with my Money2Go MasterCard®?

Yes, but only a few. We must follow the requirements of regulatory agencies and therefore certain payments are rejected. The following services or products are not permitted:
- You would not be able to use the Joker MasterCard to charge other credit cards or online wallets (e-wallet). However, you can pay for a product order or a service;
- You cannot use the card for gambling transactions or lotteries;
- Prescription medicines;
- Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia;
- Firearms;
- Illegal pornography;
- Tolls and Bridges fees;
- Offers in relation to pyramid schemes, chain letters, or similar;
- Goods and services, which violate the property rights of others

If you are not sure if a transaction will be processed with the Money2Go MasterCard®, you can contact our Customer Support.

Basic Money2go MasterCard®

What is a Basic Money2Go MasterCard®

The Basic Money2Go MasterCard® looks and works just like the Advanced Card. The key difference is the amount of money you can load and spend on the card. For full details see the limits below.

Why have I been issued with the Basic Money2Go MasterCard®?

The Basic Money2Go MasterCard® is the default entry level product issued to customers.

What are the limits on the Basic Money2Go MasterCard®?

To check the limit on the Basic Money2Go MasterCard®, please visit the Limits section.

Advanced Money2go MasterCard®

What is the Advanced Money2Go MasterCard®

The Advanced Money2Go MasterCard® gives you the flexibility to load and spend more than the Basic Card. Furthermore, with the Advanced Card, you will be able to possess more than one card and transfer money to other Money2Go MasterCard® customers.

How can I get the Advanced Money2Go MasterCard®?

In order to increase your Basic Money2Go MasterCard® limits, Novum Bank Limited must verify your registration details. For further information kindly log in on Limits Section.

What are the limits on the Advanced Money2Go MasterCard®?

To check the limits on the Advanced Money2Go MasterCard®, please visit the Limits section.

Is the limits upgrade free of cost?

No. There is one time fee for the limits upgrade. For more information please visit the Limits section or the Fees table on the website.

How long the increasing of the limits will take?

Normally, the process is done automatically and in a matter of minutes your limits will be increased. If we cannot perform the verification automatically, we will ask you to upload certain documents. It can take up to 24 hours to increase your limits.

Card to Card Transfer

What is the Card to Card Transfer?

With the Advanced Money2Go MasterCard® you are able to transfer up to €250 to another Money2Go MasterCard® without knowing their bank account details. All you need is the card serial number which is printed on the back of the card.

How does it work?

It is very simple to transfer money to another card. Simply:
  • Login on;
  • Click on „Card to Card Transfer“
  • Click on „Create New Transfer“ or „Saved Transfers“;
  • If you click on „Create New Transfer“;
    • Type the card serial number of the beneficiary;
    • Type the amount you want to transfer;
    • Type a personal description that both you and the beneficiary will have on the transaction list. This is optional;
    • You can give a name to the transfer to save the beneficiary details for future use.
  • If you click on „Saved Transfer“;
    • Choose the saved transfer;
    • Type the amount you want to transfer;
  • Accept the fee and click on Continue;
Once the transfer has been performed successfully, you will receive a message on the website. You will also be able to view this transaction under the Transactions List. Furthermore, you will also receive an email with the transfer information.

Do I need to inform the beneficiary?

No. The beneficiary will automatically receive both an SMS and an email with the transfer information.

What are the limits?

You can check the Limits here .

Why did the transfer fail?

If the transfer fail, please check:
  • Please check that the beneficiary’s card serial number is correct;
  • The beneficiary should be able to receive the funds. Please ask the beneficiary whether the amount you want to transfer is within the beneficiary’s Money2Go MasterCard® limits;
  • Make sure that you have enough funds on your card to make the transfer, including the fee.
If both of the above are correct, please contact our customer support. We are ready to help you.

Card Security

What is Phishing and how do I avoid it?

Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information. We will never send an email to a cardholder requesting security or any other confidential information about their Money2Go MasterCard®. If you receive an email claiming to be from Money2Go MasterCard® or Novum Bank Limited with a link to what appears to be the Money2Go MasterCard® or Novum Bank Limited website, do not enter your personal or card details. Never reply to any such emails or disclose any personal information on such websites.

If you think you have received a fraudulent email, please forward the entire email including the header and footer to

How do I report that my card is lost or stolen?

As soon as you realise your card is lost or stolen you can:

  • Call us on 01805-552240*;
  • Send an SMS typing “LOST” or “STOLEN” to +49 173-2787721 (within Germany, you can send it to the number 0173-2787721)
  • Update the status from the Money2Go Private website. Kindly log into your account and go to the “Card” Menu and click on “Change Status” option.
Cost: 14 Cent per minute from German fixed line networks, from German mobile phone networks max. 42 Cent

How to report suspected fraudulent payments or suspicious incidents?

Before report the suspected transaction, please block your card to prevent any further fraudulent use. You can block your card through your private portal. Once you blocked your card, please report the transaction to our Customer Support. You need to provide as much information as possible about the suspected transaction, such as; date, amount and description. Our Customer Support will guide you further. Your report will be investigated further and response provided within 2 business days. We may need to keep your card blocked as a security measure

Managing your Money2Go MasterCard®

How do I manage my Money2Go MasterCard®?

When you log in online you will be able to manage your main card, from loading, managing and setting your SMS alerts, to reviewing your transactions. Everything you need to make the most of your Card can be found once you login and if you ever need any further help you can just call us on 01805-552240* and we’ll be happy to help.

Cost: 14 Cent per minute from German fixed line networks, from German mobile phone networks max. 42 Cent

What is an available balance?

Available balance means cleared funds associated with your card that are available to spend.

How do I check my available balance on my Money2Go MasterCard®?

You can check your available balance online. Simply log into your account and your available balance will be displayed.

You can also send an SMS to +49 173-2787721 (within Germany, you can send it to the number 0173-2787721) typing “Balance”. For a fee, your balance will be sent to you.

How do I reset my online password?

To reset your password simply login to the Money2Go website. In the ‘Settings’ section you will see the simple instructions to changing your password.

I’ve forgotten my password?

Simply click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link when you are logging in and you will be provided with the information you need to reset your password.

What do I do if my address or contact details change?

If you want to change your address or name you will need to call us on +49 173-2787721. To change your address you will need to provide proof of address or name. For other changes, please login to the website where you will be instructed on how to make changes.

Do I receive a Money2Go MasterCard® statement?

We do not issue statements, you can see your transactions anytime while logged in your account. 

My Money2Go MasterCard® has stopped working, what is the reason?

This could be for a number of reasons:
  1. Your card is damaged
  2. There are no funds left on your card – you may need to load more money if you wish to make a purchase;
  3. We have blocked the card for security purposes or on your instructions
  4. The card has expired – please check the expiry date on the card itself

What are the SMS Services available?

With your Money2Go MasterCard® you can perform several actions by sending an SMS to +49 173-2787721. The available services are:

Function Instruction / Command Example
Balance Balance [Last 4 digits of Card Number] Balance 1010
Block Block [Last 4 digits of Card Number] Block 1010
Lost Lost [Last 4 digits of Card Number] Lost 1010
Stolen Stolen [Last 4 digits of Card Number] Stolen 1010
List all Commands Commands Commands

In addition to these services, you can also enable notification SMS. To enable these notifications, please login to the website and go to the “SMS Services” option where you will be instructed on how to enable these notifications. The SMS notification will inform you by SMS when:
• The card is loaded;
• The card is used on the MasterCard® network. You can also set a minimum transaction amount;
• The card balance is lower than your desired threshold.

Card Cancellation

How do I close my Money2Go MasterCard®?

You can send an email requesting the card cancellation to Before sending the email, please destoy the card by cutting it into two and take a photo. Please attach the photo with your card cancellation request.

If you wish to receive the remaining balance to a bank account in your name, kindly provide all bank details (account holder’s name, name of the bank and IBAN). To close your card you will need to contact customer support.
There is no fee for closing your Money2Go MasterCard® but there is a fee for redeeming your balance to a German bank account. Alternatively, you can withdraw cash from an ATM.

For how long is my Money2Go MasterCard® valid?

Your Money2Go MasterCard® is valid for five years. Please note that an annual card fee is due, which will be deducted from your card account. If the card balance does not suffice for the fee, you will be notified with various reminders for a month. If after a month you did not load your card, the card will be closed.


What is the Mastercard IdentityCheck / 3D Secure?

Mastercard IdentityCheck is an information/data query (also 2-factor authentication) that is available to you to optimally protect your credit card use and you against data misuse. For some online transactions, you may be asked to confirm the transaction by means of an activation link (by email) and by entering an SMS code (by SMS).

When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to create your 3D Secure password so you can start making online payments immediately.

When is the 3DS password/SMS code requested?

For some online transactions, strong customer authentication can be requested in accordance with the requirements of the Payment Services Directive PSD2 to ensure that the cardholder is actually using the card. You will receive an email from us with an activation link to enter the 3DS password and then an SMS code directly to your stored number. After successful entry, the transaction is confirmed.