Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions Money2Go MasterCard® 

These General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") relate to the issuance and utilisation of the Money2Go MasterCard® Prepaid Card. Please read these GTC carefully before entering into agreement with us through your acceptance of the GTC on our website.

You should print or download a copy of these GTC and store a copy for future reference. The latest version of these GTC can be viewed on our Website https://www.money2gocard.de or by contacting Customer Service and require us to send you a copy. We will normally send you contractual information via email to your registered email address.


Name, address and principal commercial business of Prepaid Card issuer:

The issuer of the Prepaid Card is Novum Bank Limited (“NVM”) , whose registered office is situated at The Emporium, C De Brocktorff Street, Msida, MSD 1421, Malta. We operate under a banking license issued by the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and are a credit institution licensed by the MFSA, registered under Company No. C 46997. The principal business activity of NVM is issuing prepaid cards.


Applicable law, language of Agreement and conclusion of the Agreement:

This Agreement is governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malta. This Agreement comes into effect when you accept these GTC from our website.

This Agreement is set out in German and in English. In the event of any contradictions, the German language version takes precedence.

Complaints procedure:

In accordance with the complaints procedure of Novum Bank Limited, any complaint that a person has regarding a product or service of Novum Bank Limited must be addressed by calling us on  01805-552240, in writing by that person to Novum Bank Limited, either by sending an email to: complaints@novumbankgroup.com or by letter to:

Novum Bank Limited
The Emporium
C De Brocktorff Street
Msida, MSD 1421

Any written complaint must clearly indicate your data (identity and contact details) and state the facts and circumstances on which the complaint is based.

The Bank will send the customer a written confirmation of receipt within two (2) working days from the day after when the complaint has been received by the Bank. The Bank hereby confirms that all necessary measures will be taken to resolve the complaint within fifteen (15) working days. If this is not possible, the Bank will inform the customer accordingly, and will provide him/her with an indication as to when is it likely to be completed.

If the customer is not satisfied based on the reaction received, he or she can object to the decision by writing again to Novum Bank Limited, stating the objection and the new information (s) to be assessed.

Moreover, should the customer be dissatisfied with the way in which we would have dealt with your complaint, you may direct your complaint/s in writing to: the Arbiter for Financial Services, Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services, N/S in Regional Road, Msida MSD1920, Malta or following the procedure as described under https://financialarbiter.org.mt/content/step-1-complain-your-provider .


Information about your Prepaid Card

Your Card is a Prepaid card and not a credit card or a debit card.  Therefore, you need to top up your Card in order to be able to use it. Responsibility for the Prepaid Card programme lies with NVM, which is your partner in contract with regard to the operative implementation and administration of the Prepaid Card programme. The Prepaid Cards are issued and held by the NVM so that the card remains at all times the property of NVM. Like the card, the electronic money, with which you top up your card, is issued by NVM. The credit balance for the usage of and any potential redemption from the Prepaid Card are held by NVM.

 You can review pricing online by logging into your account with your username and password. Please also carefully read our guidelines on data protection. Our data protection guidelines inform you of the personal details which we are entitled to collect from yourself, and how and for what purposes we may collect, process and store such data.

 1. Ordering, activating and topping-up your Prepaid Card

In order to be able to negotiate your Prepaid Card agreement validly, you must be at least 18 years old and must be resident in the E.U or the E.E.A. You confirm that all data given by yourself for registration is truthful, complete and not misleading. You are under an obligation to promptly notify us of any change in your utilisation details. You may not use any pseudonyms or stage names. You may only fund your prepaid card from a bank or payment account in your name. It is strictly forbidden to use third party funds to top up your Prepaid Card. You agree and understand that you may submit only one application to Novum in connection with the acquisition of a Card.

 In order to activate your Prepaid Card and obtain your PIN, you should follow the instructions on the packaging of your Prepaid Card. You can also find information on how to activate your Prepaid Card on our website. You need to sign your Prepaid Card immediately on the area provided for this purpose, on the reverse. The activation of your card is completed once you have performed the necessary “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure. The details of this procedure are explained in more detail in the web page. Any breach of this provision will result in the immediate termination of your contractual relationship with NVM. We reserve the right to decline customers without stating any reasons.

 Topping-up options provided for your Prepaid Card could vary due to different reasons. The topping-up options are not part of the Bank’s GTC and can be changed anytime without a notice. You should review the Terms and Conditions of the respective topping-up provider before using the respective topping-up option. Note that the GTCs cover only the money which has been received by us.


Balance Check and Statement of Account

You can review your balance and transaction data either per individual transaction or via monthly statements by logging into your account with your username and password. 

You will be notified by email that your monthly statement is available for viewing online. Monthly statements will set out all the transactions specifying the amount and the date thereof which were carried out for the respective period, and the remaining balance on your card. Monthly statements will be provided free of charge.

You can send us a request via email money2gocard@novumbankgroup.com should you wish to receive statements on a more frequent basis, which will be provided to you at a charge as set out on our website. You can also send us a request via email money2gocard@novumbankgroup.com should you wish to receive statements on a less frequent basis, this being free of charge. Nonetheless the Bank is obliged to provide you with a statement at least on a yearly basis.

You have the right to revert back to receiving monthly statements at any time, free of charge. 

2. Potential uses of Prepaid Card

The Prepaid Card is not connected to your bank account. It attracts no interest whatsoever on the credit balance which is on your Prepaid Card. The Prepaid Card is the property of NVM and is not transferable to third parties.

You can use your Prepaid Card worldwide, as follows: to obtain cash from MasterCard® cash machines, to pay for your shopping with electronically connected retail outlets that accept MasterCard® ("MasterCard® transactions"). You can find further information on your Prepaid Cards' functions on our website. Prepaid Card is tied to certain Prepaid Card limits. You cannot top up or use your Prepaid Card over and above the limits set for MasterCard®. These limits can be viewed on our website.


3. Authorising and carrying out a MasterCard® transaction

 By using your Prepaid Card you give consent (authorisation) to make a payment order (= MasterCard® transaction). For this purpose, either:

• a slip should be signed, on which the Prepaid Card details are indicated, or

• at cash machines and - where necessary - with MasterCard® participating companies and at self-service checkouts, the PIN should be entered, or

• in relation to MasterCard® participating companies, the required Prepaid Card details should be stated (for example over the internet or by telephone). For this purpose, it may be necessary to utilise the particular authorisation procedure indicated by the MasterCard® participating company.

Following authorisation, you can no longer revoke the payment order. To the extent that a PIN or a signature is needed for purposes of authorisation, authorisation only takes place upon its use. We will deduct the amount of the transaction from the credit on your Prepaid Card as soon as the MasterCard® transaction is carried out. We are authorised to decline Prepaid Card payments if a) we have specific points of reference to indicate that your Prepaid Card is being or may be used wrongfully and/or fraudulently, b) the credit on your Prepaid Card on the date of receipt of a payment order is not adequate to cover the payment amount and the charges arising, c) the prerequisites for authorisation of the payment order as set out in these General Terms and Conditions are not fulfilled, d) the Prepaid Card has been blocked, or e) the implementation of the payment instruction would breach applicable law. You will be notified of these circumstances via the terminal on which you are using your Prepaid Card, or by the participating MasterCard® merchant. We are under an obligation in relation to MasterCard® participating companies to honour transactions you activate using your Prepaid Card, and we shall charge such amounts to your Prepaid Card.


4. Execution time

After receipt of the payment order, we are obliged to ensure that the card payment amount is received at the payment service provider of the payee at the latest by the end of the next business day.

5. Your duties of caution and collaboration

You are obliged immediately upon receipt of your Prepaid Card to take all reasonable precautions to protect it and the PIN from loss, theft or unauthorised access. You should treat your Prepaid Card as carefully as cash. Do not lend your Prepaid Card to any third parties. Memorize your PIN immediately upon receipt, and then destroy the note about the PIN. Please keep your PIN secret at all times and do not write it down. Please contact our Customer Services department (as per contact details available on our website) if you have forgotten your PIN or if you suspect that someone knows your PIN, so that we can send you a new PIN. Charges are applicable for the issue of a new PIN as set out on our website.  You are also under obligation to promptly notify us if you detect or suspect that one of MasterCard® transactions on your Prepaid Card was implemented without authorisation or incorrectly, and in any event not later than thirteen months from when the transaction was charged to your Card. You are also to notify us immediately  in the event of any other unauthorised utilisation and in the event of your Prepaid Card or PIN being lost or stolen or misappropriation or if you have a suspicion that the Card has been lost, stolen or misappropriated. In such cases we will immediately block your Prepaid Card. Charges are applicable for issuing a replacement Prepaid Card as set out on our website. The credit balance on the lost/stolen Prepaid Card is automatically transferred to the replacement Prepaid Card.

You affirm that you are compliant with all laws to which you are subject including, without limitation, all tax laws and regulations, exchange control requirement and registration requirements.

You accept that Novum is bound by anti-money laundering and counter funding of terrorism requirements and that you agree to provide Novum, with true, correct and complete information including without limitation, the identification and verification documentation of the contracting parties and beneficial owners (including other card holders or users as requested, as well as any other documentation or information in compliance with such requirements.

When carrying out these checks, your personal information may be disclosed to credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies. These agencies may keep a record of the information and a footprint may be left on your credit file, although the footprint will denote that the search was not a credit check and was not carried out in support of a credit application. It is an identity check only, and will therefore have no adverse effect on your credit rating.

You undertake that all monies used to fund and/or purchase the Card originate from legitimate sources or activities.


6. Your payment obligations

We are obliged to contracting firms and banks that accept your Prepaid Card to balance your turnovers made with your Prepaid Card regardless to the credit on your Card. Since your Card is a prepaid card you are obliged to ensure that your Card has sufficient funds for all of your payments. If your Card shows a negative balance after all, it is your duty to compensate the negative balance and to pay all costs incurred.

All information related to your card transactions and incurred fees can be accessed from the relevant website. 

You must submit any objections and other complaints against merchants where you have used your Card directly with these merchants.

It is in our  discretion  to proceed and settle any amount owed, by you towards us or our affiliates and partners, against any positive balance which may be on the card.


7. Blocking of Prepaid Card

We are entitled to temporarily block all or some functionalities and services relating to the Prepaid Card and the Prepaid Card itself if this is justified for specific reasons concerning Prepaid Card security or if there is suspicion of unauthorised or fraudulent use of the Prepaid Card. In the event of a block, we shall give you prior notice, wherever possible, or otherwise promptly after the block is applied. We shall also notify you of the reasons for the block unless we would infringe any applicable legal obligations in so doing. We will suspend the corresponding block or replace your Prepaid Card as soon as the reasons for the block have discontinued, and notify you promptly. Please contact our Customer Services department by e-mail once the reasons for the block have ceased and if you wish to have the block lifted.


8. Liability in the event of authorised MasterCard® transactions

You will have a claim against us for the reimbursement of any charged payment amount if you have authorised the use of a Prepaid Card with a MasterCard® participating company but the precise amount was not indicated upon authorisation and the amount of the payment transaction exceeded the amount which you would have expected on the basis of your previous spending pattern, according to the conditions of this Agreement and the respective circumstances of the individual case. Considerations relating to any currency exchange rates will not be taken into account if the agreed reference exchange rate was used.

You are obliged to give us an account of the facts from which you deduce your claim for reimbursement. We are obliged to provide you with full reimbursement of the corresponding payment amount within ten working days after receiving your request for reimbursement or otherwise to notify you of the reasons for declining the reimbursement.  Please refer to the section on “Complaints” if you are not satisfied with the Bank’s reply in this regard.

Your claim for reimbursement is excluded if you do not claim the corresponding payment amount from us within eight weeks of the date of its charging.

9. Liability in the event of a non-executed, defective or late execution of  an authorised MasterCard® transaction

We are liable for the correct execution of the payment transaction, unless we prove to you that the payee’s payment service provider has received the amount of the payment transaction.  If we are liable as aforesaid, we shall without undue delay, refund you with the amount of the non-executed or defective payment transaction and if the amount was charged on your Prepaid Card, then we will restore your Prepaid Card credit to what would have been the Prepaid Card's status if it had not been for the defective MasterCard® transaction.

If the execution took the form of an authorised MasterCard® transaction that was executed late, then your claims as mentioned above are excluded. Your claim against ourselves is excluded if you have not informed us of the non-executed or defective MasterCard® transaction at the latest thirteen months from when you are notified that the transaction has been charged to your Card.


10. Liability in the event of unauthorised MasterCard® transactions

We will generally investigate the unauthorised transactions and, if we are reasonably satisfied that the transaction was not authorised by you and that you are not liable because you have acted fraudulently or with gross negligence, we will provide you with a prompt refund of the amount of the unauthorised payment transactions, over the amount of €50. If the amount was charged on your Prepaid Card, then we will restore your Prepaid Card credit to what would have been the Prepaid Card's status if it had not been for the unauthorised MasterCard® transaction.  Thereafter we will not have any further liability to you.

Your claim against ourselves is excluded if you have not informed us of it at the latest thirteen months from when the transaction has been charged to your Card.

 You will however be unlimitedly responsible for any and all transactions carried out with your Card or your PIN prior to notification in terms of this clause, if you have not used your Card in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, in particular, if you do not take all reasonable steps to keep safe your Card and the PIN, you  have not notified us immediately on becoming aware of the loss, theft, misappropriation or unauthorised use of the Card, if you have any suspicions that the PIN is known to any unauthorised third party, if you have recorded the PIN in any easily recognisable form or it was stored with or marked, in particular on the Card or on any item which you keep or carry with the Card or if you have disclosed the PIN to another person or acted in any other way with gross negligence or fraudulently.

 You are not under an obligation to compensate the above-mentioned loss if you were unable to send in a blocking request because we did not provide you with the means to enable you to notify us with your request to block the Card.

 As soon as the loss or theft of the Prepaid Card and/or PIN, abuse or other unauthorised utilisation of the Prepaid Card or the PIN is reported to us, we assume liability for all losses arising thereafter as the result of MasterCard® transactions. If you acted fraudulently, then you are also responsible for the losses arising after the blocking request.


11. Exclusion of liability

Temporarily, the utilisation of your Prepaid Card may be interrupted, for example because of routine maintenance operations on the system. In such a case, you may possibly be temporarily unable to use your Prepaid Card and/or our services, or you may be able to use them only subject to restrictions. We will do our best to minimise the repercussions on the use of our services and of your Prepaid Card.

We are not liable for losses attributable to an unusual and unforeseeable event over which we have no influence and control and which consequences we could not have avoided or foreseen despite observing the appropriate degree of caution, or are we liable for any losses caused by ourselves as the result of abiding by or complying with a legal obligation.

 We assume no liability for any products or services acquired using your Prepaid Card. Nor do we assume any responsibility or liability for agents who do not implement a MasterCard® transaction correctly or who fail to cancel an authorisation unless we culpably infringed one of our obligations.


12. Term of agreement, validity of your Prepaid Card and request for a new Prepaid Card
Unless earlier terminated by NVM or voluntarily terminated by you in accordance with these GTCs, this Agreement terminates on the last day of the month indicated on the Card (the “Expiry Date”). On the Expiry Date, your Prepaid Card can no longer be used.

Should you however wish to be provided with a new Prepaid Card, you may send a request in writing to NVM on money2gocard@novumbankgroup.com, at least thirty (30) days prior to the Expiry Date, and any remaining balance on your Prepaid Card will be transferred to your new Prepaid Card. Your new Prepaid Card will regulated by these GTCs.

If you do not request NVM to issue a new Prepaid Card, any remaining balance on your Prepaid Card will be transferred to a bank account in accordance with your written instructions as notified to NVM and any incurred costs associated with the said transfer shall be borne by you.


13. Right of Withdrawal

You may withdraw your application for a Prepaid Card at any time.  However, once you have entered into an agreement with us by accepting the GTCs, you can withdraw from the Agreement within 14 days and without indicating any reasons by notifying us in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail). This deadline starts to run from when you accept these GTC on our website. Your right of withdrawal terminates once you top up the Card with the relative amount and should you wish to terminate your Agreement, then you are to do so in accordance with these GTC.

 The notice of withdrawal referred to above needs to be dispatched before the expiry of the 14 day period in order to be considered to have been sent within the said time frame.  Notice of withdrawal should be sent to:

Novum Bank Limited, The Emporium, C De Brocktorff Street, Msida, MSD 1421, Malta  or by email on the email address: money2gocard@novumbankgroup.com

 When you validly exercise your right of  withdrawal, you shall only be required to pay, without undue delay, any amounts which may be owing by you under the Agreement. .

 When you validly exercise your right of withdrawal, you shall be entitled to receive from us any amounts received from you in accordance with this Agreement, with the exception of the amounts owing by yourself as referred to above.

 Obligations for reimbursement of payments must be fulfilled, without undue delay and no later than within 30 days. This deadline commences for you upon your dispatch of the declaration of withdrawal, and for us it begins upon receipt.


14. Termination

You are entitled to terminate this Agreement at any time by a written notification to our Customer Services department. Notice of termination should be sent to:
Novum Bank Limited, The Emporium, C De Brocktorff Street, Msida, MSD 1421, Malta  or using the following email address: money2gocard@novumbankgroup.com

We are entitled to terminate this Agreement at any time by giving you two months’ notice in writing or immediately for a valid cause. This includes but shall not be limited to, if we are aware or have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have deliberately propagated false information which is relevant to the provision of our services under this Agreement or if you have breached any of these GTCs or we reasonably believe that you are unable to comply with your obligations under these GTCs.

Upon termination, there shall be no refund for any payment procedures or costs and fees incurred up until the time that the cancellation takes effect. You only have to pay a proportion of the fees collected regularly up until the date of termination of this Agreement. You shall be refunded a pro rata portion of fees paid in advance which cover the period after termination of the Agreement.

Upon entry into force of termination, we shall block your Prepaid Card. Remaining card funds will be transferred to a bank account of your choice, information on which you have notified to us in writing and the incurred costs shall be borne by you. The relative fees for this transfer are available on our website.

15. Fees and costs

Fees and costs for MasterCard® transactions and for the topping-up and activation of your Prepaid Card, for the transmission of new PINs and replacement Prepaid Card, and the basis for calculation of rates of exchange, can be found on the relevant website. In the event of any change in fees, the provisions concerning amendments to this Agreement will apply. You can find the fee table with an overview of all fees and costs related to the Prepaid Card on our website. We deduct all fees from the credit on your Prepaid Card as soon as they arise. If you withdraw money from a cash machine using your Prepaid Card, then additional charges and supplements from the respective cash machine operator or other cash companies or financial associations may arise.

 If you use your Prepaid Card to make a purchase or to withdraw cash in a currency other than the Euro, then the amount is converted into Euro at our exchange rate applicable at the time of the transaction. The rate for conversion is determined from the daily MasterCard® exchange rate and a foreign exchange surcharge from the fee table. Any change in the rate of conversion will take effect immediately and without prior notice.

 In the unlikely event that any MasterCard® transaction is effected on the Prepaid Card  without adequate credit being in place on the Prepaid Card, you are responsible for any debit balances on the Prepaid Card unless you can prove that  the transaction was not authorised by you.

 Where the Card has a zero balance for 30 days, an email shall be sent to you requesting you to re-load or fund the Card. Where the Card has not been reloaded after 14 days from email, the Card shall be closed. Likewise, if fees on the card remain due 30 days after we have asked you to settle, the Card shall be closed. The Bank reserves the right to take other action over and above or in substitution of such action, in order to attempt a recuperation of such fees.

16. Redemption

You have the right to redeem the funds on your cards at any time in whole or in part. To do so, please either send us an e-mail or contact us by telephone, requesting redemption and indicating the amount to be redeemed. Funds will be redeemed to a bank account held in your name. A redemption fee may be charged by us. For redemption more than one year after the Expiry Date a monthly administrative fee may also apply in addition to the redemption fee. For further information about the fees please refer to the fee table on the website.

17. Amendments to this Agreement

We shall notify you of amendments to this Agreement at the latest two months before they enter into force, in writing or by electronic channels of communication. Your approval is deemed to be granted if you do not indicate your refusal before the date of entry into force of the amendments. This approval effect is particularly referred to in our notice of amendment. Within the deadline for notification, you may terminate this Agreement without notice and free of charge. We shall also make a particular reference to this right of termination in our notice of amendment. Amendments which shall satisfy regulatory requirements shall enter into force immediately or from the date of the notice.